Listening to Wisdom

If I could have told my future self how things would be later in life, I believe that I  would have been helped greatly. I would have told myself not to rush into getting married at a young age. It would have been better to get a college degree, a career, and travel before settling down into marriage. Also, I would tell myself to start saving for retirement upon getting my first job. Even though, there is no guarantee about retirement funds, you should make an effort to save. However, I thank God for a back-up plan.

Some times when we are young, we think that we are only living for the present time. There’s no interest in planning for the future. The voice of my future self would have told me to be consistent in developing good habits that will pay off. Unfortunately, we all have some kind of habits whether good or bad. It is so important to do things that will build a better future. The voice would tell me to be sure to think ahead and do not just live for today only. Even if any challenges happened, my future self would encourage me to press on beyond the obstacles. It would tell me to look at the challenges as opportunities and forge past the hurdles. I believe my future self would have told me to listen to the voice of wisdom. I know I would have avoided a lot of snares.

Although I could have benefited from those words of wisdom, as I matured I got a better view of how to handle life situations. Now, I would tell my own children to listen to the voice of wisdom that cries loudly. I would tell them not to be in a hurry to live, but build a life upon faith, love, and wisdom. Also, I would tell them to invest more time in education and faith building. We cannot make any good decisions without having wisdom.

Also, I would tell my own children to nurture the talents that are inside of them. Many times a person’s talent can become a career opportunity. They should attend a college or technical school that can assist them in learning more about a profession. I would tell them to think about becoming an entrepreneur in their career profession. It would be good for them to be their own boss.

It would have been a privilege to have the voice of my younger self assist me with my future. I know I would have benefited from the forewarning. I would have finished college before getting married. Also, I would have traveled more extensively. I would have listened to the voice of wisdom diligently. Wisdom would have taught me how to stay on a better pathway. I would have taken on challenges as opportunities. I would have taken advantage of more leadership roles. However, as I matured, I did receive wisdom to operate successfully in life.  I must say that wisdom is the best guide along the road to success.