In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Delayed Contact.”

If I met my brother for the first time this year, I know I would be happy to be acquainted with him. He is my youngest brother and he is very special to me. During November of 2013, he and my sister-in-law moved to our city. It is his hometown, however he has been away from here for many years. I am proud of his serving 20 years in the armed forces before retiring at a young age. I tried to discourage him from moving by letting him know that it is not so great living here. Besides, my family and I wanted to be able to visit them sometime later. However, he wanted to be near family members who live here.

I would be happy to meet my brother now, because he is so thoughtful, giving, and a gentleman. He is always willing to help my family and me, if we need transportation for my daughter after she gets off work. Last year, he and my sister-in-law traveled across town in the rain to pick me up after church. Then, we went to a neighboring town to eat at the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store ®.

Also, my brother and sister-in-law were so helpful to me last fall when my daughter started a new job in their area of town. I was able to spend the evenings with them until she got off work. This suggestion saved me travel time and gas. I am so grateful for their help. Before they moved here, they were so supportive when there were weddings, funerals and my college graduation. They are still as supportive now that they have moved here.

My brother and sister-in-law are a blessing to my family and me. I appreciate all that they do. Sometimes, we get a chance to go out for lunch or dinner and enjoy each other’s company. Their presence is a great refreshment to our lives. Truthfully, I am thankful that my brother and sister-in-law came to live in our city where we can spend quality time together.


A Giving Heart

It’s not very often that college students have an experience with a instructor who really cares. I mean, a person who goes the extra mile to help others. It is great when an instructor goes beyond teaching the required curriculum. In fact, the instructor who shares valuable information that will help the student with career and business ventures. The information is given willingly with no expectation of anything in return.

My former college instructor was such a person. She has a giving heart. Many times she would give my class helpful information about jobs and business opportunities. When we were given an assignment, she would show us how to apply the business aspect to a career opportunity. I told her that many people would not volunteer such information. My instructor was surprised and wondered why a person would not be informative.

Also, my former instructor loves to teach students. It is so helpful when an instructor enjoys helping other people. She was helpful inside and outside of the classroom. This instructor is instrumental in many levels of education. She even travels to foreign countries to share her teaching expertise with students. There is not doubt that she will not reap the goodness that she has sown in the lives of others.

I can understand how my former instructor feels about helping other people. I enjoy connecting people with helpful information that will move them forward in life. Also, I like to connect people with others who seem to have similar interests. It is good to be a benefit to those who need help. This would help people to grow successfully.

It is a blessing to be a positive influence in the lives of other people. This can be done by lending a listening ear to those who need to share a problem. Also, a person can be helped to attain success by being pointed to a needed answer. Eliminating selfishness and greed needs to be abandoned in order to help others. Then growth and success could take the lead.

I’m glad that I met my former instructor in college. Being in her class gave my renewed hope that there is someone who still cares. It is not easy to find a person who wants to see others succeed. A person needs to realize that they will get back the good that they give. Life is too short to live it by blocking a person’s progress.

There is someone who truly cares about helping students. The instructor who taught one of my former classes is that person. She helps students with career information. Also, she gives students ideas on how they can start their own businesses. I know this instructor is a true teacher at heart. She will not loose for be the helpful person she is to others. The is a real champion in the area of education. She is a person with a giving heart will benefit from doing good. An award goes out to her for being such a giving person with a big heart.

The Season of Giving

The season of giving has embarked upon us. Many people are crowding the shopping malls and retail stores to buy loads of wish-list items and other pricey gadgets. This is one of the times during the year when people do not mind spending their treasured savings and making credit purchases that will haunt them for the next year to come. I should know because I used to be counted among that crowd of people. However, bought sense has taught me to steer away from doing so.

During this holiday season, I believe that we should find a reason to give to others. I don’t mean going to the shopping malls and buying insignificant gifts that may never be appreciated. Giving should be done from the heart. It should include gifts that are tangible and intangible. In fact, giving should include acts that create true joy.

A great way to display the season of giving is to remember those who are less fortunate. There are widows and orphans who would love to receive gifts during the holiday season. Reaching out to them would help erase the feeling of loneliness. Also, there are many women and men in nursing homes who would appreciate a visit or a gift during this time of the year. There are homeless people who would love any small act of kindness. I believe these are the gifts that would show the true season of giving.

Lately, I prefer sending greeting cards as a way of gift giving. If possible, I like to put a monetary token inside of the card. I love to surprise people this way. In the past, I would purchase as many gifts as possible for family and friends. However, that can be costly when you have other daily responsibilities. My best thing is to be compassionate by sending cards or making calls to let a person know that I am concerned. On occasion, I will buy a gift for a close friend or relative.

The ultimate gift of the season is from God, our Heavenly Father. He sent His son, Jesus, to redeem mankind from a life of despair.  If we would focus upon receiving His love as a gift, our lives would become better. While everything may not be perfect, being better would be a great start. And when we receive His love as a gift, we should give that gift to others, too.

When you build upon a life of giving, you will free yourself of unnecessary baggage. You will see that it is all right to have stuff, but not for stuff to have you.  Now, that would not be good. Try to develop a spirit of giving to others. Even if you start with a smile or a kind word. Remember, gifts do not have to be tangible. If you focus upon recognizing the season of giving during the holiday time, you will follow the right pathway of generosity. Then you will be an active participant of the season of giving.