Taking a Stress-Free Break

It was great to take a break from a hectic day to have some fun. My husband and I traveled several miles across town to enjoy ourselves. We went to a fantastic recreational center with my Social Services group from church in our local city. Our group members chose bowling for the quarterly fellowship. We had food, fun and entertainment during our time together.

The conversation was great. We cheered those who made strikes and those who came close to doing so. Some experienced bowlers did great at scoring well in bowling. One lady member offered to coach anyone who had trouble aiming their ball toward the bowling pins. She did very well in making a great score. We took pictures with our cell phones. The atmosphere was relaxing and much cooler than the heated outdoors. It was a great afternoon of enjoyment.

After a while of bowling, gift cards for the quarterly birthdays were passed out to some members. It was great to see them smile upon receiving their gifts. Everyone enjoyed the fellowship and will look forward to the next outing. There’s nothing like great fun and fellowship on a Saturday afternoon.

© Shirley A. Brittenum




Remembering Our Holiday Gatherings

Our family has had some great family gatherings. Most of the times, we used to gather at one relative’s home until we needed to make some changes. The home was no longer available. After a while, we began to meet at another home. We met there around the Christmas holidays as well as other occasions. Anyhow, we had fun at those holiday gatherings. I remember how much fun they used to be.

The holiday gatherings were fun because the host/hostess welcomed our presence. There is nothing like going somewhere and feeling that you are welcome to be there. You can relax and enjoy the atmosphere. You do not feel uptight and need to make an excuse to leave early. There is the good food that everyone shared in cooking. And you can hardly wait until the next gathering.

The best part about being at holiday gatherings is the fellowship of family and friends. I enjoy talking to relatives that I have not seen in a while. That is a good time to play catch up with what has been happening with them. Also, I like seeing their children who have grown so quickly, since the last time we saw each other. That is why it is important to have family gatherings often.

Another good part about holiday gatherings is the good food. I enjoy eating the various dishes prepared for the gathering. Usually, each family is responsible for bringing a food item. The meats, vegetables, cakes, and pies, yummy! The food is the peak of the gathering. It makes you so glad that you came.

Also, I love taking pictures of the family members who are at the gathering. Photos help you to remember those specials moments of certain holidays. I especially love to catch people by surprise. It makes the photo more interesting. It can be funny, too. Would you believe that some people hide from the camera?

In the past, board games were fun to play. Currently, the games have upgraded to video games. However, it is fun to see the participants laughing and playing together. Sometimes, the winners are the happy ones and the losers are left disgusted. That’s when persistence need to take the lead.

I am hoping that gift giving can be included in the holiday gatherings. It would be nice to pull names to add to the holiday fun. I have made the suggestion a few times, however the idea has not caught on yet. I will continue to have hope. I believe the idea would make gift giving much easier.

In conclusion, our family gatherings are so much fun. Everyone gets a chance to see loved ones that they have not seen in a while. We get to eat a lot of delicious food. Photos are taken of everyone. Fun games are played to pass the time away. Nearly all of the relatives enjoy each other and have a good time. In the end, many of us look forward to next year when we will do it again.