In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Community Service.”

Community service is done by workers who volunteer in various positions of neighborhood agencies. They serve with well-meaning intentions. Yet, many neighborhood residents and their dwelling places go on neglected with little hope of improvement. The real changes do not seem to come fast enough to make a real difference. The goals of the community agencies need to be re-examined if there is going to be any positive changes.

The community service agencies need to see beyond getting its pockets lined with government funds that seldom reach the neighborhood residents. They should access regularly the impact that they are making on their assigned communities. This would help the people, their homes, and their children take pride in the services being given to them.

Community service should be charitable, helpful, and educational. It would be good for the agencies to teach recipients how to be accountable of the funds that they receive. This may cut down on misuse of funds. Also, the recipients need to  learn how to give back by volunteering as a part of community service. The recipients would appreciate their gifts more when they earn them. As the neighborhood residents begin to flourish, community pride will become evident in the sight of all to see.

Shirley A. Brittenum