The Beginning of the End

Finally, I accomplished a huge writing goal that challenged me to write a few hundred words daily. I feel good about being able to finish my writing goal. Previously, during the beginning of the year, I wanted to partake of a challenge that would test my ability. I kept making notes about doing it. Eventually, I took advantage of the opportunity. Now, it was not just about the number of words, but I allowed myself write with feeling from the heart. I feel good about my ability to encourage and inspire those who have chosen to listen to my voice.

I hope that I have been successful at touching the hearts and minds of those who have chosen to read my words. Words are so powerful when they leave a lasting impression. My goal is to inspire people to move to a better level in life. I enjoy being informative as well as motivational when I write. There is great success in helping to inspire others.

As I stated, finishing my writing challenge makes me feel good about accomplishing a goal. It gave me something to look forward to doing on a daily basis. I am thankful that my words are of value to those who read them. I look forward to writing more inspirational words. Everyone needs a good word as often as possible.

My ability to finish my writing challenge gave me the confidence that I can do better. I do not have to think otherwise. My husband and I have a saying, “People do what they want to do”. The motivation was not money or a physical prize. I did it to prove that I can do better and I enjoy inspiring other people.

I must plan to prosper if I want to get ahead. I had to finish my writing challenge, because I am prosperous. I am blessed and highly favored! I must do the things that move me to higher heights. I can do it and so can you. You are invited to join me in succeeding at your God-given purpose.

I was able to learn my ability by doing this writing challenge. I see that I can write more words when I put my mind to it. I can focus on saying what is on my heart and writing it down. I can inspire other people with written words. Those words can promote them to positive actions, better thoughts, and greater accountability.

Yes, I am so thankful for this writing challenge. I was blessed to write diligently from the heart. Although I missed some of the days due to an attack of sneezing and coughing, I did not give up. I am glad that I was persistent in doing what I set out to do. I will take this challenge as being a new beginning of writing to inspire. I will write more words from the heart. Those words will help other people in their endeavors to be their best in life. My words will inspire people to move the greater levels.

Once Upon my Childhood Innocence

The early years of my childhood were the best days. They were filled with carefree actions that sometimes averted dangers unaware. My main concerns were eating, playing, and sleeping. Most of the time, I was absorbed in playing outside with childhood friends. We played games like hopscotch, jacks, and hide-and-seek.

Sometimes, I played inside with the many toys that occupied my bedroom space. I loved the toys that my Grandfather tried to sneak pass me after I had gone to bed. I was told that Santa was coming to visit, if I would go to sleep. Of course, I was not sleepy. I was too excited to do as I was told.

My days were filled with hopes as I continued to play with neighborhood children who shared similar desires. I learned how to skate on the rough concrete sidewalk that bit my knees each time I fell. Yet, my desire to learn was not dampened by the scrapes and pain. At last, persistence was on my side and I conquered the ability to stay balanced on my skates. It was a joyful day to be able to skate without hitting the ground.

Sometimes, my innocence was mingled with curiosity while playing with friends. I would venture out of my playground space into a forbidden area. On some occasions, I would  that I ramble in my Mother’s belongings. I believe, I was an average curious kid who was mischievous.

The child within me loved to dream. I had dreams of being a singer one day. I sang songs to the melodies of the recording artists on the radio. There was hardly a song that I did not know. I recognized it at the first sound of its beat. It was a fun time in my life. As an adult, I did sing with a gospel group. The dream soon faded as I matured and saw the hard work that was involved.

As I remember my younger self, I can see how your innocence flourished. You loved to do various activities. Although you were shy, you played actively with your childhood friends. You learned to skate without the help of anyone else. Also, you practiced riding your bike with training wheels. Later, you got tired of the training wheels. The time came when you wanted to learn how to ride without them. Your diligence paid off and you learned to balance your bike. Yeah, no more training wheels.

It is great to look back on how innocence preceded the journey of my life. I had many fun days hoping and dreaming as a child. I am thankful for the ability that I had to play with childhood friends. I have maintained some of the dreams that my Mother and Grandfather helped to nurture in me. Along with the ability to fellowship with childhood friends, I learned to nurture family and friends. I am glad that I can see how my childhood innocence connects with becoming mature in life. If I had not had connections with friends in the past, I would not be able to connect with others that are now a part of my current life.




Work is a Four-Letter Word

Work is a four-letter word. It can be a great learning experience. Work can teach you how to be successful and how to be unsuccessful. On my first full-time job, I learned how a boss wanted me to help build his business without my input of speech or thoughts. I did not mind working there, since my goal was to work and get paid. However, I did not like being a puppet with no chance of promotion. I did manage to gain a takeaway and learned how to speak to people on the telephone (while pretending to be someone other than myself) and how to handle different personalities. On another job, I became an excellent customer service professional minus the pretentious name usage.

Work has been interesting for me. I have worked on jobs where it was good and it was not good. Now, I am a hard working person, however it can be challenging when you work with difficult people. The jobs where I worked with cooperative people were better. It was good to be a part of the team and work with people with whom it was pleasant. However, I did not enjoy working on one job where some people were unpleasant. I do not like confusion and dreaded working with unpleasant people. They make the work environment an uneasy place to do your job. It’s best to stay away from them as much as possible.

During my years of working, I have learned many valuable lessons. I have learned how to be a better worker, a better communicator, and how to be more successful. The most valuable lesson I learned as a worker was do not expect to get ahead unless you are willing to work hard. There are crazy avenues like hiding in the bathroom, passing assignments on to other people, and being a snitcher against co-workers. Can you imagine that this goes on in many work places everyday? I know, I should get my head out of the sand.

I am thankful for my work experience as a customer service professional. I benefited from the great lessons that I learned from the job. I was able to learn from the Team Manager that everything can be learned in steps. If you have difficulty in learning a task, you can break it down into steps and set goals on learning the task. Everyone is teachable if they receive their correct method of learning. I was able to learn some valuable lessons such as leadership, patience, and guidance. I will value those lessons for a very long time.

Work has been a learning experience for me. I have had some good and bad experiences. However, I have learned that there are good lessons in the bad experiences. Now, I know that no can hold me back from a promotion except me. I have to educate myself and go through the necessary channels to gain the promotion that I deserve. I do not have to allow unpleasant co-workers to hold me back. I can move forward by attaining the necessary tools to move into a good employment career. After all, everyone needs to work in order to eat. Work is a necessary four-letter word.

The First Christmas Gift

The plan was simple. God would redeem man from his sins by sending His only Son into the world. God chose a virgin named Mary to be a Blessed vessel of His ingenious plan. Mary, who had never been with a man, was discovered to be impregnated by the Holy Spirit. She was visited by an angel who announced the plan; Mary voiced her willingness to be used as the Lord God had chosen.

At the chosen time, Mary delivered her firstborn son, Jesus, in the most unusual place – a stable. Her son was sent by God to save man from sin. I believe, Jesus is the true reason for the celebration of the Christmas season. He, who was without sin, came to help man. Although, Jesus received gifts from Biblical travelers after the time of His arrival, He was the Ultimate Gift. I believe that Jesus truly became the first Christmas Gift. There would not be a Christmas celebration without Him.

There are so many people shopping for gifts during the holiday season. They hope to find the perfect gift; they intend to make the recipients happy on Christmas day. Some of the gifts will be appreciated and some will not. That decision will be left up to the recipient. I just hope that people will come to understand that Jesus Christ is the true reason for the holiday.

It would be amazing if more people would think to keep Christ in Christmas. I believe that Christmas without Jesus Christ wouldn’t be Christmas at all. I know, it seems to be fine since you get loaded up with many of the great gifts you asked to receive. However, after the holiday celebrations are over, many people are left with an emptiness that no earthly gift can supply. He is the best Gift that will never disappoint.

The first Christmas Gift became a blessing to mankind. Although, there is so much turmoil in this world, I believe that all life answers are in Him. If anyone accepts Christ as their Savior, they have the promise of eternal life. And while on this earth, there is an opportunity to live by God’s word. The gift of Christ offers newness to one’s life. A person can become a new creation in Him. This is better than traveling alone in such a sinful place.

I am glad that God developed a great plan to redeem mankind from sin. I believe, His plan allowed Mary, a young virgin girl, to give birth to the promised Savior of the world. After the birth of Jesus, mankind was given the opportunity to become free from sin. Now, man could become free from sin by accepting Jesus as his savior. God’s plan was the only way that man could receive redemption from destruction. Also, man could receive prosperity, health, and soul salvation upon accepting Jesus Christ as his savior. The plan of redemption became a true pathway to God. This is the best first Christmas Gift that was ever granted.

The Grocery Shopping List

On Saturday evening, I traveled several miles to one of my favorite grocery retailers. Upon arriving, I proceeded to shop for the items listed on my grocery list. It has been years since I have stuck to using a shopping list. Also, I have been endeavoring to utilize coupons as a cost savings measure. However, I wish there were more coupons for the items that I purchase regularly.

This grocery retailer has many good food items including some healthy items for the person who wants to stay physically fit. There were many holiday cakes, candies, nuts, and some foods that were tempting to buy. I resisted the temptation to divert from my list and fought the desire to pick up any of the holiday foods. I did promise myself that I may return on another day to get some of the items. I probably will resist that temptation, too.

Although I had a shopping list, I did end up with some other food items that were not listed. We picked up chips, popcorn, sodas, etc. In fact, the grocery list was supposed to help me be more disciplined. Well, you know how that can work out. The extra things were some of our snack desires and some were real food. At least, we’re ready for any snowflakes that may fall during the next few days.

Have you seen the way people get in a hurry when snow starts to fall. They head to the grocery store with every intention of coming out well stocked. It’s too bad for the ones who miss out on getting an early start to the grocery store. There may be a few mashed bread loaves and dented can goods left to buy. This is what happens at the first sign of snow in our town.

Just as I am about to wrap up my shopping trip, I remembered some things that will be needed for our holiday dinner. Christmas dinner would not be right without potato salad. So, I allowed the shopper in the back of me to go ahead. After all, the potatoes are on my list. I just needed to get them so that I would not have to buy them later.

As I stated earlier, I had made a list for the grocery shopping trip. Sometimes, this does help cut cost, if you follow the list. Finally, I got in the checkout lane to purchase my food. Yes, as I suspected, the total went past what I desired. Oh well, lesson learned on this shopping trip. I’ll do better next time.

Shopping for groceries can be a great learning experience. The grocery list is a big part of the lesson. I believe that I can make the grocery-list method work. What’s so exciting about shopping with a grocery list? Well, it’s all about learning discipline. However, that is a lesson that can be learned in due time. Also, it’s all about meeting a daily physical need, too. Food is a need that we all can hardly do without for long. Now, if only I can get all of my shopping done under one roof, that would be a miracle.

Sustaining Hope Everyday

It is important to sustain hope everyday. Giving up hope is not an option. When you continue to have hope, you hold on to an expected end. You must believe within yourself that something better is on the way. Hope gives you something to look forward to obtaining, whether spiritually or  physically. You can sustain hope to reach aspired goals, new beginnings, and fulfilled promises.

Today is the right time to accomplish aspired goals in your life on every level. There are some things that you have wanted to do for yourself. Perhaps, you have thought that you will get around to doing something about it soon. Now is the time to move forward. Take the necessary steps to progress. You should re-enroll in college to receive your degree. Or you should start that business that you’ve always wanted. It’s important to do the things that help you to advance. These steps are all a part of keeping hope alive within your life.

Also, you can sustain hope by starting some new beginnings. You can take that job in a new city where you’ve wanted to move. This will be a great opportunity to branch out and do something different. You will get a chance to learn new things and meet new people. Another great idea for sustaining hope is reaching out in your neighborhood to unite everyone on your street. In some neighborhoods, it’s called Neighborhood Watch.  It is a needed program for the current turbulent times. You could be the program’s organizer.

You can sustain hope by generating fulfilled promises. You can take out time to renew ties with relatives and friends. For so long, you have promised different ones that you all would meet and dine together sometimes.  However, you have been busy and failed to keep in touch. Also, you can fulfill a long awaiting promise to your church organization. You promised to help by being a youth mentor during the weekly service. This season will be a great time to get started by helping with the younger people.

Keeping hope alive in your daily life is imperative. It gives you so much to look forward to obtaining. Hope allows you to continue on in spite of the way things may look. Like a burning candle, there is a flicker of light that guides you on to see more. There is no time for giving up on hope. It is the glimmer that adds sparkle to your life. As you sustain hope, you will inspire others to do the same. If you give up before you reach your goals, you will miss the mark of sustaining hope. You must believe that with faith all things are possible. Hope is that push within that can keep you moving forward. Your daily words should express hope. Your eyes should look only upon promises of hope. Your mind should dwell on thoughts of hope. In the end, you will receive the sustaining hope that you relied upon everyday. Speak hope, see hope, think hope and receive hope.

The Write Attitude

Writing to meet a goal can be challenging. However, when you use the write attitude, you will find renewed strength to go on. You should allow your writing to inspire other people to move forward  in life. Allow it to help them to be a better people. Now, that’s writing worth seeing in print.

It has been challenging during the past several days to write to meet a goal. Yet, I am determined to continue toward my goal. I was sneezing and coughing this past weekend, so I slowed downed from writing. However, I am back on today. I am determined to inspire someone to be their best in life.

Although, unexpected situations may arise in life, be encouraged to continue over the next hurdle. If you fall, do not stay down. You may ask, “how?”. I would suggest that you use faith to see your way through any obstacles. Faith can see you through many challenges. If you keep a glimmer of hope within yourself, there is a great chance that things will get better.

As I write, I want to inspire others and myself. I want to continue on to write more words per day. I want to write words that will help someone. We all need a word or two that will motivate and encourage. Kind words can go a long way for a person.

During this Christmas holiday season, I suggest that you can reach out to someone who is elderly and alone. Perhaps, you can write some kind words to them or send them a greeting card. Also, you can give them a bag of fruit or groceries. The goal is to bring some cheer to someone in need. Writing a short story about the event would be great.

I am happy to continue my writing challenge. It is giving me a chance to inspire and motivate other people. I enjoy using words that give people a reason to live a better life. Believe me, using the “write” words do empower you to move forward. Writing can lift a person to a new level.

As I utilize the write attitude in inspiring, I will look for new ideas that will help people. I give people a reason to write their own stories. Many people do have stories within them and need motivation to write about them. Sometimes, their stories can turn into a novel. It takes some help from another writer to encourage them to put it in print.

I will reach my goal of writing to inspire. I feel renewed strength to encourage others. It is a blessing to see what others can produce when they are encouraged to try something new. Be encouraged to write to others as I do. You can start with note cards or greeting cards. Also, writing poems is a lovely way to express yourself. Be sure to use writing as a road to keep communication open. There are so many people who need to be touched every day.