Taking a Stress-Free Break

It was great to take a break from a hectic day to have some fun. My husband and I traveled several miles across town to enjoy ourselves. We went to a fantastic recreational center with my Social Services group from church in our local city. Our group members chose bowling for the quarterly fellowship. We had food, fun and entertainment during our time together.

The conversation was great. We cheered those who made strikes and those who came close to doing so. Some experienced bowlers did great at scoring well in bowling. One lady member offered to coach anyone who had trouble aiming their ball toward the bowling pins. She did very well in making a great score. We took pictures with our cell phones. The atmosphere was relaxing and much cooler than the heated outdoors. It was a great afternoon of enjoyment.

After a while of bowling, gift cards for the quarterly birthdays were passed out to some members. It was great to see them smile upon receiving their gifts. Everyone enjoyed the fellowship and will look forward to the next outing. There’s nothing like great fun and fellowship on a Saturday afternoon.

© Shirley A. Brittenum




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