In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wrong Turns.”

It was a bit confusing for me when I went to the employee cafeteria at my new job. The route consists of winding hallways and a connection to another building. At first, I went with someone so that I could become familiar with the directions. Later, I started to go alone so that I could learn the way. After several weeks, I started to get better at going there by myself.

Well, on yesterday, I went to the cafeteria to get lunch. I succeeded in getting there just fine. However, my return trip to my department was not the same. I made a wrong turn down a hallway. After a few steps, I realized that I was not going the right way. I turned around to head back in the right direction. When I saw someone coming near me, I just politely let them know that I had made a wrong turn.

As I continue to travel the route to the cafeteria, I will get better at it. Many times, I only go there once or twice a week. In fact, I may make the route a part of my walking routine. This will help tremendously. After all, regular trips on the route will be helpful. Eventually, I believe that practice will help me to get it right.


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