Something Different

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Beyond the Pale.”

Thursday, I joined many people who visited the new sporting goods store in our downtown area. After seeing a news story about the grand opening, I said that I wanted to go to visit the store. However I got the opening date mixed up and went the following day.

I am glad that we waited because there were too many people in attendance on the first day. Initially, my family and I started out for a walk in the downtown area. Deciding to walk in the direction of the store fit into our plan to visit the store.

I am not a sports lover, however I do love fish. We were told by a couple from Kentucky that there were blue catfish swimming in the pond.  I wanted to see the blue catfish and the huge fish bowl display. I was tired when we arrived at the store, so my daughter and I sat in the lobby.

My husband went into the store ahead of us. After relaxing for a while, my daughter and I went inside along with my husband. He had canvassed most of the store and wanted us to see some of it. It is a huge place. We saw boats, alligators and fish in the pond, large swamp-land trees, race cars, clothing, etc.

I have not visited the sporting goods store in another part of town that is a part of the same ownership. It was a new experience for me. When we went inside, it seemed like we were in another city different from our own.

I was impressed with the store and the variety of displays available. It will be a great attraction for our city for the upcoming summer months and beyond. I do look forward to returning to the downtown store location. It has a lot to offer all ages and many interests.

© Shirley Brittenum


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