Connections Can be Life Giving

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I enjoy connecting with people who like the same activities that I love doing. Those connections are so life giving to me. Also, I like connecting other people with those who I think have something in common. Once, I tried to connect a friend who moved from Louisiana with my cousin who currently lives there. Both the people are in the ministry and over time have moved to each others state of residency. However, the people did not make a connection. I guess the same passion was not there for them.

This evening, I was happy to make connections with four new bloggers that have similar interests as me. I made comments on their blogs and hope that we will share future dialogue. Two of the blogs features photography and the other two blogs features travel. I am looking forward to following these bloggers. I believe great connections are life giving.

These are the blogs that I will be following:

  • Kate Goes Global
  • Road Essays
  • Laura Cook Photography
  • Hilary Schaffner Photography

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