New Year’s Resolutions

My New Year’s Resolutions are still being computed. First of all, I do not want to make any resolutions and find myself not keeping them. I have some desires in my heart that I want to happen, but why should I state them as resolutions? I would not rather make resolutions just in case something unexpected happens to deter them. I would rather set goals for the things that I need to accomplish. Those goals would be for my own responsibility, not the ones who are looking for me to give up later.

If I were to make any resolutions, I would resolve to increase the quantity of my writing content. I would like to write content without thinking about editing at the time of writing. However, I choose to set goals for myself rather than resolutions. I would rather set goals that can be edited if changes need to be made. Those goals would still be planned without me giving up as when making  resolutions.

I wonder if people make resolutions for the sake of other people. Do they want people to think that there will be some big accomplishments in their lives? Maybe, people just want to join the crowd of others who have a yearly habit of making resolutions. Do any people actually keep their New Year’s resolutions? I am curious to know the answer to this question.

I do not want anyone to think that I am against making life improvements. I just would approach accomplishing them differently. My suggestion for starting the new year off to a positive start is to make it simple. I believe that it would be better to set goals that are attainable. After accomplishing those goals, it would be good to move on to goals of a mid-way range. Finally, if you have more complicated goals that you want to reach, set step-by-step goals of attaining them.

It can be good to make verbal statements about your goals. I believe when a person says anything and believes it, that statement will become true. It must be done for yourself, not done to impress other people. You must believe that you can make a thing happen if you want it to become true. Also, the faith that you have in making something happen needs action to couple with it.

It is alright for the people who want to make New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps, they make them to impress other people. Maybe, they make resolutions out of habit. However, I prefer to set goals that can be managed on a regular basis. If I need to make any adjustments, I can edit the goals to match with my life at that time. I would prefer to set goals that will help me to improve.

Usually, resolutions are just to be forgotten in a little while. When you make resolutions that you do not keep, you are fooling yourself. Try to set goals that are attainable. If you cannot complete the goals, make some adjustments that will accommodate you. Be true to yourself at the start of the new year and you will feel better about your accomplishments.



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