Once Upon my Childhood Innocence

The early years of my childhood were the best days. They were filled with carefree actions that sometimes averted dangers unaware. My main concerns were eating, playing, and sleeping. Most of the time, I was absorbed in playing outside with childhood friends. We played games like hopscotch, jacks, and hide-and-seek.

Sometimes, I played inside with the many toys that occupied my bedroom space. I loved the toys that my Grandfather tried to sneak pass me after I had gone to bed. I was told that Santa was coming to visit, if I would go to sleep. Of course, I was not sleepy. I was too excited to do as I was told.

My days were filled with hopes as I continued to play with neighborhood children who shared similar desires. I learned how to skate on the rough concrete sidewalk that bit my knees each time I fell. Yet, my desire to learn was not dampened by the scrapes and pain. At last, persistence was on my side and I conquered the ability to stay balanced on my skates. It was a joyful day to be able to skate without hitting the ground.

Sometimes, my innocence was mingled with curiosity while playing with friends. I would venture out of my playground space into a forbidden area. On some occasions, I would  that I ramble in my Mother’s belongings. I believe, I was an average curious kid who was mischievous.

The child within me loved to dream. I had dreams of being a singer one day. I sang songs to the melodies of the recording artists on the radio. There was hardly a song that I did not know. I recognized it at the first sound of its beat. It was a fun time in my life. As an adult, I did sing with a gospel group. The dream soon faded as I matured and saw the hard work that was involved.

As I remember my younger self, I can see how your innocence flourished. You loved to do various activities. Although you were shy, you played actively with your childhood friends. You learned to skate without the help of anyone else. Also, you practiced riding your bike with training wheels. Later, you got tired of the training wheels. The time came when you wanted to learn how to ride without them. Your diligence paid off and you learned to balance your bike. Yeah, no more training wheels.

It is great to look back on how innocence preceded the journey of my life. I had many fun days hoping and dreaming as a child. I am thankful for the ability that I had to play with childhood friends. I have maintained some of the dreams that my Mother and Grandfather helped to nurture in me. Along with the ability to fellowship with childhood friends, I learned to nurture family and friends. I am glad that I can see how my childhood innocence connects with becoming mature in life. If I had not had connections with friends in the past, I would not be able to connect with others that are now a part of my current life.





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