Work is a Four-Letter Word

Work is a four-letter word. It can be a great learning experience. Work can teach you how to be successful and how to be unsuccessful. On my first full-time job, I learned how a boss wanted me to help build his business without my input of speech or thoughts. I did not mind working there, since my goal was to work and get paid. However, I did not like being a puppet with no chance of promotion. I did manage to gain a takeaway and learned how to speak to people on the telephone (while pretending to be someone other than myself) and how to handle different personalities. On another job, I became an excellent customer service professional minus the pretentious name usage.

Work has been interesting for me. I have worked on jobs where it was good and it was not good. Now, I am a hard working person, however it can be challenging when you work with difficult people. The jobs where I worked with cooperative people were better. It was good to be a part of the team and work with people with whom it was pleasant. However, I did not enjoy working on one job where some people were unpleasant. I do not like confusion and dreaded working with unpleasant people. They make the work environment an uneasy place to do your job. It’s best to stay away from them as much as possible.

During my years of working, I have learned many valuable lessons. I have learned how to be a better worker, a better communicator, and how to be more successful. The most valuable lesson I learned as a worker was do not expect to get ahead unless you are willing to work hard. There are crazy avenues like hiding in the bathroom, passing assignments on to other people, and being a snitcher against co-workers. Can you imagine that this goes on in many work places everyday? I know, I should get my head out of the sand.

I am thankful for my work experience as a customer service professional. I benefited from the great lessons that I learned from the job. I was able to learn from the Team Manager that everything can be learned in steps. If you have difficulty in learning a task, you can break it down into steps and set goals on learning the task. Everyone is teachable if they receive their correct method of learning. I was able to learn some valuable lessons such as leadership, patience, and guidance. I will value those lessons for a very long time.

Work has been a learning experience for me. I have had some good and bad experiences. However, I have learned that there are good lessons in the bad experiences. Now, I know that no can hold me back from a promotion except me. I have to educate myself and go through the necessary channels to gain the promotion that I deserve. I do not have to allow unpleasant co-workers to hold me back. I can move forward by attaining the necessary tools to move into a good employment career. After all, everyone needs to work in order to eat. Work is a necessary four-letter word.


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