The First Christmas Gift

The plan was simple. God would redeem man from his sins by sending His only Son into the world. God chose a virgin named Mary to be a Blessed vessel of His ingenious plan. Mary, who had never been with a man, was discovered to be impregnated by the Holy Spirit. She was visited by an angel who announced the plan; Mary voiced her willingness to be used as the Lord God had chosen.

At the chosen time, Mary delivered her firstborn son, Jesus, in the most unusual place – a stable. Her son was sent by God to save man from sin. I believe, Jesus is the true reason for the celebration of the Christmas season. He, who was without sin, came to help man. Although, Jesus received gifts from Biblical travelers after the time of His arrival, He was the Ultimate Gift. I believe that Jesus truly became the first Christmas Gift. There would not be a Christmas celebration without Him.

There are so many people shopping for gifts during the holiday season. They hope to find the perfect gift; they intend to make the recipients happy on Christmas day. Some of the gifts will be appreciated and some will not. That decision will be left up to the recipient. I just hope that people will come to understand that Jesus Christ is the true reason for the holiday.

It would be amazing if more people would think to keep Christ in Christmas. I believe that Christmas without Jesus Christ wouldn’t be Christmas at all. I know, it seems to be fine since you get loaded up with many of the great gifts you asked to receive. However, after the holiday celebrations are over, many people are left with an emptiness that no earthly gift can supply. He is the best Gift that will never disappoint.

The first Christmas Gift became a blessing to mankind. Although, there is so much turmoil in this world, I believe that all life answers are in Him. If anyone accepts Christ as their Savior, they have the promise of eternal life. And while on this earth, there is an opportunity to live by God’s word. The gift of Christ offers newness to one’s life. A person can become a new creation in Him. This is better than traveling alone in such a sinful place.

I am glad that God developed a great plan to redeem mankind from sin. I believe, His plan allowed Mary, a young virgin girl, to give birth to the promised Savior of the world. After the birth of Jesus, mankind was given the opportunity to become free from sin. Now, man could become free from sin by accepting Jesus as his savior. God’s plan was the only way that man could receive redemption from destruction. Also, man could receive prosperity, health, and soul salvation upon accepting Jesus Christ as his savior. The plan of redemption became a true pathway to God. This is the best first Christmas Gift that was ever granted.


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