The Grocery Shopping List

On Saturday evening, I traveled several miles to one of my favorite grocery retailers. Upon arriving, I proceeded to shop for the items listed on my grocery list. It has been years since I have stuck to using a shopping list. Also, I have been endeavoring to utilize coupons as a cost savings measure. However, I wish there were more coupons for the items that I purchase regularly.

This grocery retailer has many good food items including some healthy items for the person who wants to stay physically fit. There were many holiday cakes, candies, nuts, and some foods that were tempting to buy. I resisted the temptation to divert from my list and fought the desire to pick up any of the holiday foods. I did promise myself that I may return on another day to get some of the items. I probably will resist that temptation, too.

Although I had a shopping list, I did end up with some other food items that were not listed. We picked up chips, popcorn, sodas, etc. In fact, the grocery list was supposed to help me be more disciplined. Well, you know how that can work out. The extra things were some of our snack desires and some were real food. At least, we’re ready for any snowflakes that may fall during the next few days.

Have you seen the way people get in a hurry when snow starts to fall. They head to the grocery store with every intention of coming out well stocked. It’s too bad for the ones who miss out on getting an early start to the grocery store. There may be a few mashed bread loaves and dented can goods left to buy. This is what happens at the first sign of snow in our town.

Just as I am about to wrap up my shopping trip, I remembered some things that will be needed for our holiday dinner. Christmas dinner would not be right without potato salad. So, I allowed the shopper in the back of me to go ahead. After all, the potatoes are on my list. I just needed to get them so that I would not have to buy them later.

As I stated earlier, I had made a list for the grocery shopping trip. Sometimes, this does help cut cost, if you follow the list. Finally, I got in the checkout lane to purchase my food. Yes, as I suspected, the total went past what I desired. Oh well, lesson learned on this shopping trip. I’ll do better next time.

Shopping for groceries can be a great learning experience. The grocery list is a big part of the lesson. I believe that I can make the grocery-list method work. What’s so exciting about shopping with a grocery list? Well, it’s all about learning discipline. However, that is a lesson that can be learned in due time. Also, it’s all about meeting a daily physical need, too. Food is a need that we all can hardly do without for long. Now, if only I can get all of my shopping done under one roof, that would be a miracle.


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