The Write Attitude

Writing to meet a goal can be challenging. However, when you use the write attitude, you will find renewed strength to go on. You should allow your writing to inspire other people to move forward  in life. Allow it to help them to be a better people. Now, that’s writing worth seeing in print.

It has been challenging during the past several days to write to meet a goal. Yet, I am determined to continue toward my goal. I was sneezing and coughing this past weekend, so I slowed downed from writing. However, I am back on today. I am determined to inspire someone to be their best in life.

Although, unexpected situations may arise in life, be encouraged to continue over the next hurdle. If you fall, do not stay down. You may ask, “how?”. I would suggest that you use faith to see your way through any obstacles. Faith can see you through many challenges. If you keep a glimmer of hope within yourself, there is a great chance that things will get better.

As I write, I want to inspire others and myself. I want to continue on to write more words per day. I want to write words that will help someone. We all need a word or two that will motivate and encourage. Kind words can go a long way for a person.

During this Christmas holiday season, I suggest that you can reach out to someone who is elderly and alone. Perhaps, you can write some kind words to them or send them a greeting card. Also, you can give them a bag of fruit or groceries. The goal is to bring some cheer to someone in need. Writing a short story about the event would be great.

I am happy to continue my writing challenge. It is giving me a chance to inspire and motivate other people. I enjoy using words that give people a reason to live a better life. Believe me, using the “write” words do empower you to move forward. Writing can lift a person to a new level.

As I utilize the write attitude in inspiring, I will look for new ideas that will help people. I give people a reason to write their own stories. Many people do have stories within them and need motivation to write about them. Sometimes, their stories can turn into a novel. It takes some help from another writer to encourage them to put it in print.

I will reach my goal of writing to inspire. I feel renewed strength to encourage others. It is a blessing to see what others can produce when they are encouraged to try something new. Be encouraged to write to others as I do. You can start with note cards or greeting cards. Also, writing poems is a lovely way to express yourself. Be sure to use writing as a road to keep communication open. There are so many people who need to be touched every day.









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