Writing to Inspire

I enjoy writing because it gives me an opportunity to express my thoughts and ideas. I write in order to teach a person how to do something.  I write to inspire, teach and motivate. I write to make a positive impression upon the lives of my readers.

As I look around me, there is so much to write. I can write fiction or non-fiction that include imaginations in my mind and the truths that surround me. Many times I like to write about things that make dreams come true. Those are the best stories that touch my heart. There’s nothing like making a person smile by helping them realize a dream.

Some of my writing involves providing information. That’s not to say that I have all of the answers. I just write about what I know concerning the topics. My goal is to write so that I can help someone gain information and inspiration. I believe life is too short not to be a blessing to those that you can help.

Also, I write to inspire  people with words to help fulfill their dreams. I want to give them hope to do what seems to be impossible. I want them to realize that their dream starts in the heart.  Afterwards, it goes to their mind. Finally, the desire is spoken out of their mouth. When a person says something out of their mouth, in belief, the plan is set into motion. I hope that my writing will bring out the good in other people.

What I like about the writing craft is the freedom to play with words without being reckless. I can form words into sentences that inform readers, yet I am mindful of doing so in sincerity. I do not like following some writing prompts. Many of them are not good writing fits for me. However, I do know how to adapt to the prompts. I, prayerfully, draw on my inner strengths to get the writing done.

When it comes to this writing challenge, I struggle with writing start-to-finish early in the morning. I need to actually write for a set length of time. It does not have to be for hours – just a short while. Even though I get an inspiration to write, I allow other things get in the way. Now, I am endeavoring to write by developing a daily routine. Being consistent pays off. However, I love what I am doing, because I have been wanting to write for a few years. I am glad that I am taking advantage of the opportunity.

My writing passion is getting the words written down. First, I start with one word that later turns into five hundred plus words. This is the first time that has happened for me outside of an academic setting. I enjoy finishing each challenge daily. It is very rewarding.

I enjoy writing on a daily basis. I write to inspire and encourage readers. I intend to help others by teaching, motivating, and helping them with my writing. My goal is to write words that will help people realize their dreams within. I will use writing as a vehicle to promote and uplift.


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