How to Deliver Good Customer Service

10 Tips on How to Deliver Good Customer Service

It is imperative for a person to deliver good customer service in order to receive return visits to their business. An incorporation of positive behavior, good voice tone, a smile, and body language can help to win the customer’s repeat business. As a good customer service person, you should put the customer’s needs first in order to have a positive sales experience.

1. You should provide the type of customer service that will promote the mission of the company.

  • Focus on delivering good customer service that gives the customer a picture of why the company is in business.
  • Let the customer know that the company has their needs at heart.
  • Focus on meeting their needs professionally.

2. Give the customer your undivided attention.

  • Be sure to make eye contact with the customer while listening actively to their request.
  • Do not engage in a conversation with fellow employees while assisting a customer.
  • Avoid being distracting and rude.
  • You should let the customer know that their presence takes priority.

3. Speak in a customer-friendly voice that assures the customer that you want to assist them.

  • Do not use a rude tone when speaking to the customer.
  • Let the customer know that you are there to help them have a valuable shopping experience.
  • Use inviting and friendly words when speaking.

4. Do not rush from one customer to another.

  • Be patient and allow each customer to decide upon their purchase.
  • Initiate suggestions for any purchases that may be a good fit.
  • Assure the customer that their shopping satisfaction is important to you.

5. You can offer the customer discount coupons and email alerts on future purchases.

  • Ask open-ended questions to find out about the customer’s wish-list desires.
  • Offer to add the customer’s name to the company’s email list.
  • Let the customer know about any upcoming special savings days.

6. Ask the customer to fill out a feedback survey about their customer service experience.

  • Offer a feedback survey to the customer so that future issues may be addressed.
  • Ask the customer to include a customer service rating about your service.
  • Let the customer know that there is a chance to win a prize for doing the survey.

7. Tell the customer about any rewards accumulated for previous purchases.

  • Check to see if the customer has a membership account that has customer rewards.
  • Allow the customer to sign up for the rewards program, if no account is found.
  • Let them know about the available website link and additional information for discounts.

8. Speak clearly when answering the customer’s inquiries.

  • Answer questions clearly with proper language so that the customer understands you.
  • Dismiss any negative attitudes when speaking to customer.
  • Engage in positive language exchange to provide a good customer service experience.

9. Address the customer by name, if possible, when speaking to them.

  • Calling the customer by name can make the shopping experience more memorable.
  • Ask the customer for permission to call them by name.
  • Make eye contact while speaking to the customer.

10. Thank the customer for shopping at the business and ask them to please come again.

  • When you thank the customer for coming, this shows appreciation for their patronage.
  • Do not allow the customer to leave without showing gratitude.
  • Offer store-provided assistance with any large packages.

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