An Early Rise of the Christmas Tree

Today, I was surprised by a promise being kept to put up my Christmas tree. I guess people do change when they set their minds to doing so. My husband put up our Christmas tree  without waiting until the actual holiday day. I am so proud of him. Usually, I have to ask for help several times before our Christmas tree gets put together. The decorations give our home a more holiday season look.

I am glad that I kept our Christmas tree. We’ve had it for several years. I just thought that I wanted to make a change and get a smaller tree. I was going to sit the new tree on a table, so that it would take up less space. However, our current tree still has a home with us. It still looks good with its beautiful lights and decorated ornaments.

I like for the Christmas tree to go up early, because it seems to make the holiday season last longer. After all, this holiday season is one of the happiest times of the year. When the house has Christmas decoration in place, it just looks better. We are beginning to match the neighborhood homes that are decorated with pretty lights and holiday displays. Bright decorations are seen everywhere.

Of course, I plan to add some other Christmas decorations to the present ones. I would like to make a holiday wreath for my front door. I made a couple of wreaths a few years ago. It will be a cinch to do. The wreath will add to the holiday look. Also, I may add more colored lights to the Christmas tree. I want to give it an overall multi-colored look. I need to find a tree topper. Perhaps, I will get an angel or a star. That will make the Christmas tree perfect.

Speaking of setting up the Christmas tree early, I am reminded of my son. His tree was up on Thanksgiving Day. Usually, his tree goes up early every year. My tree is no match for his tree which is much taller than mine. I’m just glad that I am not too far behind him. It’s a great feeling to have an early start for a change.

All in all, I am so glad that I did not have to keep asking for help with the Christmas tree this year. I had a willing helper who came to the rescue. In fact, when I came home this evening, the Christmas tree setup was underway. I just helped with a few stringed lights and decorative ornaments here and there. All that is needed is a few colored fill-ins in some spots. This will give the tree an overall multi-colored look.

Decorating the Christmas tree as a family can be a fun tradition. It will give us something to look forward to doing together. I hope that we can continue this activity into the future. However, the biggest credit goes to my husband who initiated the setup. This year, he did great by putting up the Christmas tree during the early part of the holiday season.


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