December Holiday Inspirations

Today is the first day of December. The weather outside fits the month very well. The sky is overcast with clouds. The rain has stopped and left a cold chill in the air. Soon the face of winter will step its feet on the scene.

The cold temperatures have not stopped shoppers who are busy getting ready for the Christmas holiday. The many sale items have lured shoppers to take advantage of the bargains displayed by retailers. This entire season will be a time of buying gifts and looking for desired wishlist items. It’s all in the name of holiday fun.

The shopping holiday season brings back memories. I remember when my kids were younger and how I used to get up very early in the morning to go Christmas shopping. I would start the shopping season the day after Thanksgiving. Of course, it would still be dark outside when I left home. I would travel across town to the stores with the best sale advertisements. I enjoyed shopping as long as there was nobody to contend with over sale items. I think it is very unnecessary to scuffle over toys and sale purchases. There is always a chance that the retailer will get more items later. Also, there are other stores that usually carry the same things.

This time of year is inspiring to me because the houses are lit beautifully with decorations. There is a feel of happiness in the air. Some people seem to be a little nicer because of the holiday season. I just wish the holiday attitudes would last longer than just during Christmas time. However, I know that is just wishful thinking.

This year, I started watching holiday movies in October. I was so excited that the movies started to play early, but it seems weird to show them before Halloween. Some of the movies are my favorites, so I usually watch them more than one time. I especially enjoy the movies that have a dream-come-true message. They always melt my heart.

Another inspirational part of the Christmas season is the holiday celebrations. I enjoy meeting with family and friends to fellowship and eat good food. I am looking forward to going out to eat as soon as possible. I hope meet with one cousin whose birthday outing that I missed recently. We’re planning to put her birthday and my birthday together and have a good time.

All in all, this Christmas season will be a great time of celebration. I hope to put my Christmas tree up much sooner than last year. I nearly waited until Christmas day to put it up. I was hoping to get some help from my immediate family, but they were not interested. Also, I plan to do some shopping for a few people. However, it won’t be any shopping where I will be fighting the crowds. I plan to do some baking. I need to catch up on baking pies and cakes, too. It will fun to share with family and friends during this wonderful holiday season.



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